GSD Mastermind Club

Welcome my name is Don Martinez today I am going to talk about the GSD Mastermind Club
The Goal of the GSD mastermind Club is to connect like minded individuals and leaders that make things happen otherwise known as Getting Shit Done.
For the past twenty years I have been an Entrepreneur, Business owner and Executive Coach Most of my coaching is focused on Personal development
and Accelerated Conditioning a technology I developed to help individuals get more out of their life.

Perhaps you have attended one of my workshop two years ago I launched the Focus a program aimed at helping Entrepreneur individuals and Business owner discover their purpose.

This has been a big hit for many individuals and if you have not attended you still have a chance to participate in one of my Focus workshops.
Next one area of personal development that is a core part of my business is leadership
Leadership is not your position nor is it your title Leadership is about bring out the best in everyone you interact with.
So What is the GSD Mastermind Club

The GSD Mastermind Clubs is an exclusive club designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and investors, all for the purpose of growing and building a better you. The GSD Masterminding club is comprised of leaders that are the individuals that make things happen – The use of our weekly training aka “Think Tank“ is to create and solve personal, economic and business challenges.
The GSD Mastermind Club

Purpose – Help New and existing Business get their business off the ground
The Purpose of our Mastermind club will relate closely to your expertise the target market of our business.
Process – What technology we will use to run the group.
We will meet by way of Zoom and phone weekly. (4 x a month)
Price – $50.00 per session or $199.00 per month (12 Week program)

GSD Membership
Application for the GSD Mastermind Club

The GSD Mastermind Offering

Group Coaching and business training
Business tools, topics, Procurement, Small business training
Growing your Business, Getting more clients
Understanding your communication Style
How to find and connect to the best business partners
Making Money
Guest Speakers Monthly

How to obtain Wealth, Success, and Power
The word wealth brings into the mind thoughts about riches, plenty of money and the ability to buy and enjoy whatever one wants.
It is something most people want, but do not believe they can get and enjoy.
Wealth is all the above and much more.

Changing Your Attitude toward Wealth
The first step to make wealth flow into your life is to change your thoughts and attitude toward it.
The mind has to be cleared from its wrong concepts about wealth, before it can start to manifest.
This is done by bringing to consciousness all of your thoughts and ideas about wealth, money and prosperity.

Unlimited Thinking
The Universal Consciousness is unlimited and contains unlimited wealth. There is plenty of everything in it, and it constantly creates more of everything. It expresses itself through everything, including the individual unit that you consider as yourself.

Mind Power and Prosperity
Prosperity and success can be yours if you seek them with an open mind.
Put into your mind positive and un-limiting thoughts.
Visualize your desire day after day.
Gradually, you will start to see your circumstances improving.

Our Purposes
Help new business owners get their businesses off the ground
Help people to understand Wealth
Help people improve their relationship
Help businesses become sustainable
Help in understanding how to get more clients


Process refers to the format, logistics, and technology we use to run a Mastermind Group.
We will meet weekly via Web Conference Services using a computers and Phone.
Time: 1 .5 hours

$50.00 Per session – $199.00 Per month
Participant will pre-pay prior to each session.

First session
The Four Pillars – Session 1-2
What do you want?
Sensory Acuity
Behavioral Flexibility


Getting Started with The GSD Mastermind Club
Email Don Martinez at
Request Application
Send Payment
Get Started –
Starting Feb 10th 2015
For questions please call (714) 674-0391 –Coach Don Martinez

“12” Slots available.

Coach Don Martinez will be teaching the art of Goal setting using the pillars of NLP.
In this 12 week session you will learn the core principles of NLP.

The starting point of NLP is curiosity and fascination about people. It is the study of
the structure of subjective experience. How do we do what we do? How we think?
How we learn? And how do outstanding people in any field get their results?

To answer these questions NLP explores how we think and feel and studies or models
excellence in every walk of life. The answers can then be taught to others
The goal is excellence for all.

Our body and mind seem constant, but are changing all the time, like a river -ceaseless
activity, moment by moment change, yet overall something at a deep level is the same.
Thoughts and physiology are intimately connected: what and how we think affects
our physiology, and our physical health and well-being affects our thoughts.
Our mind, body and spirit meet in our beliefs. What we believe deeply affects what we
think and how we act. NLP sees beliefs not in terms of true or false, but in terms of
useful or not useful. What are the consequences of your beliefs?
What actions flow from them? As we cannot know everything about the world, in many
areas our beliefs are simply our best guess at the moment.
We have a special invitation for you: We invite you to look at your beliefs and see
how they serve you.

Call me today Space will sell out fast. (714) 674-0391