DOMAR specializes in mid to large scale systems implementation & integration. It also offers its clients complementary services such as Consulting and Education Services in the high-end client/server technologies. DOMAR specializes in the niche areas of Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Data warehousing tools and technologies. IT Staffing and Talent Management

541511, Custom Computer Programming Services

NAICS 541511, 541612, 561110, 561210, 561311, 561312, 561320 is the primary code when projects require writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer.

NAICS 561320, Temporary help services Information Technology (IT) 


  • Applications software programming services, custom computer
  • Computer program or software development, custom
  •  Computer programming services, custom
  • Computer software analysis and Design services, custom
  • Computer software programming services, custom
  • Computer software support services, custom
  • Programming services, custom computer
  • Software analysis and Design services, custom computer

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing are well-evolved technology initiatives. The importance of this solution is unquestionable and the key is in developing a solution that is cost effective, scalable & easy to use.

Project Requirements Definition & Project Planning (Project Definition, Project Planning & Management, User Requirements Definition) Data Design (Dimensional Modeling, Analysis of Data Sources)

A Vendor Management System (VMS) is an online tool for managing the staffing process using a web-based platform. Domar provides the resources of an award-winning VMS, which efficiently handles all parts of the staffing process via the internet.

We offer a variety of search options that can be individually customized to specifically meet each client’s executive recruitment needs. The most common executive searches include:

RETAINER – EXECUTIVE SEARCH The Retainer option is used primarily when a position must be filled within a specific period of time. Domar provides an extended guarantee and executive candidates are presented to you on an exclusive basis. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews.

ENGAGEMENT – EXECUTIVE/PROFESSIONAL SEARCH The Engagement option is for high-priority positions and is typically utilized for sales, marketing, Human Resource, Leadership Development and middle-management staffing needs. An engagement fee is required to begin the search, with the final payment due on the candidate’s start date. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews and provide an extended guarantee.

CONTAINER – EXECUTIVE/PROFESSIONAL SEARCHa Container search may be used for ongoing openings, typically for Sales, Banking, Utilities, Energy, and Insurance staffing. A monthly container fee is paid on a monthly basis at the start of the project and payment is paid every month with additional reduce fee for everyone hired. Payment is due upon the candidate’s start date and there is a 30-day replacement guarantee. (Recommended for Bi-lingual Multicultural staffing and for 5 or more openings, please send for details and a proposal for high volume projects.)

EXECTIVE SEARCH & RECRUITING FEES All Executive Search Fees are based on the level of service needed to fit your needs. Our fees are highly competitive and are set on an individual basis. (Please send for details.)

OUT PLACEMENT, CAREER TRANSITION AND DEVELOPMENT (Companies seeking additional information please contact us for our fee schedule)

For more information please email or contact us:
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Hiring research is time consuming, labor intensive and requires internet savvy for seeking out ideal talent. This research is critical to organizations that want to stay abreast of their industry’s competitive landscape. When you turn over this responsibility to Domar’s team of sourcing specialists, you are assured of the services of certified researchers whose knowledge of Advanced Internet Recruiting Strategies (AIRS) translates into meaningful data for your firm. On behalf of your firm, Domar handles information gathering relating to candidate screening, client profile, competitive research, online searches and Internet postings.
The RPO solution allows a client to contract out recruiting tasks. Domar assumes all the burdens and tasks associated with the recruiting cycle. We impact costs by focusing on reducing the average time to fill an open requisition and by examining the average salary of existing recruiters and the metrics/goals associated with their productivity and performance.
A Vendor Management System (VMS) is an online tool for managing the staffing process using a web-based platform. Domar provides the resources of an award-winning VMS, which efficiently handles all parts of the staffing process via the internet. By utilizing the VMS, a client gains full control over its contractual relationships with multiple staffing vendors and its contingent workforce including temporary employees, consultants (1099ers), part-timers and internal float pools. Domar’s VMS partner is designed to streamline the time-consuming, paper intensive staffing process. Our VMS enables clients to manage multiple staffing vendors in a vendor neutral setting. It is available 24/7 and allows clients to enter temporary job requests, approve on-line time sheets, track invoicing, access reports and much more. Temporary associates can also easily enter their hours into the system via PC and submit their timesheets on-line for approval. Additionally, many clients find the complex reporting capabilities to be the most advantageous feature of a VMS for effectively managing, tracking and budgeting of their supplemental workforce.
Our Audit, Tax Accounting and financial recruiting is by fare one of our strongest legs of our business with a focus in on building the very best pipeline of diversity talent serving a wide variety of industries.

We look for long term talented professional that seeks to press their careers to a higher level. A high number of our relationships started at the college level developing and following their career year after year.

Our clients range from Big 4 consulting firms, Entertainment, Energy, Biomedical, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecommunication and more.  Are team of staffing professionals take a systematic approach to build an organizational planning and process in mind?

In partnership with our top research department our Diversity staffing consultant look to work with our customers on assessing a staffing strategy  that not only focused on  key priorities but working in instilling diversity inclusion.

Here are areas of recruiting:

  • General accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Cost accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Internal and external audit
  • Treasury
  • A/P
  • A/R
  • Payroll
  • Credit/collections

Accountability Resources’ finance division specializes in:

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Budgeting services
  • Forecasting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Accountability Resources’ tax division specializes in:

  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • Individual
  • FAS 109
  • Multi-state
  • Sales and property tax
  • Tax auditing
  • International tax
Domar Advertising, Sales and Marketing search practice lead by Don Martinez has been an interracial part of Domar’s Practice. Major USA and International companies seeking to attract “Hispanic and Multicultural talent have trusted Don Martinez to help implement an effective search strategy to attract the very best for their organization.As a former Corporate recruiter for one of America’s most creative organization in the world  Don Martinez  has assisted companies such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, MGM, Sony, Paramount Fox and many others identify critical visionary talented professional to help shape the vision and face of their organizations.

We know the demand for Hispanic and Multicultural talent is an area that most companies face a challenge when it comes to identifying the very best in talent.Gaining the needs and understanding of Hispanic and multicultural professionals, companies need to know what things are most important to the growth for each professional individual as they look forward to move their career to the next level.

Hispanics and Minorities talent will be instrumental in the 21st century workforce and for this reason companies seek a company that can help guide them on how to best recruit great diversity talent.Domar embarked with Diversity in mind from its conception, with years of experience under our belt combined with an exceptional research department we make it our goal to know who our Hispanic and Multicultural player are.

Our regions research team stared out by understanding the landscape within the United States with market research of talent from Los Angeles, Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Florida.

According to BusinessWeek, 41.3 million U.S. Hispanics now comprise 14 percent of the population and are the fastest growing segment.

  •  The Hispanic segment of the workforce is the youngest, with 50% under age 35
  •  The U.S. Census Bureau projects the U.S. Hispanic population to reach 102 million by 2050 and constitute 24% of the nation’s population
  •  Hispanics now spend $700 billion annually and will spend $1 trillion by 2010 according to Hispan Telligence, the research arm of Hispanic Business Magazine

Active searches we have conducted for our clients:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Vice President/Director of Marketing
  • Brand/Product Management
  • Vice President Hispanic and Multicultural Markets
  • Trade Promotion/Customer-Account specific Marketing
  • Consumer/Sales/Market research/Strategic Planning
  • Sales Management/Operations
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations/Communications
  • Loyalty-Direct Marketing/Database/CRM
  • Data Base Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
Our Leadership with Domar was built on a strong foundation of Human Resource, Organizational Effectiveness, and Talent Acquisition Training.

When meeting with Human Resource organizations and hiring managers we look for ways to align our HR and Recruiting methods into the organizations hiring needs.

At Domar we follow a strict HR and Staffing strategy and process with diversity as a key component to the hiring process. With diversity in mind we look to understand the companies cultural, philosophies and how our diversity staffing can help the organization become better.

Our team of search consultants takes the time to understand your need.

Our HR Staffing services focus on:

  • HR Assistant
  • HR research
  • HR Recruiter
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Manager
  • HR VP, Director
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Compensation
  • Benefits Assistant
  • Benefits Manager
  • Organizational Development

Domar can provide professional HR staffing services at all levels no matter what level. (We provide Domestic and International level search)

For more information and or interested in hiring Domar Companies Contact us today at (714) 674-0391