How do you Sustain Success?

By Don Martinez MCC, Master Certified Executive Coach

What do leaders of fortune 200, 500 and 1000 companies do to sustain success?

I have been a fan of the movie Gladiator, it’s one of those movies I can watch over and over there is a lesson to learn each time I view this film.  Notes from Coach Don Martinez

I asked this question to a group of C-level Executives sr. mangers and Board of Directors?

What is it about sustaining success for you as an executive do you get bored have a loss of energy and excitement?

This is a question that Coach Don explores with executives to better understand what it takes to sustain success.

Recently I was hired to work with a C-level executive of a major Insurance company. While looking at all the plaques on the wall the trophies and photos of his family. You would think that this individual has a formula for success. But when asked how does he measure and sustain success for it investors the NASDAQ does not lie.

Being an investor looking at the past company performance the indicators state the company has not been profitable for the past three years.  What do you have to say about this performance?

But when asked this one question how do you sustain success?  He answered it can become frustrating.  I do not like to fail.

Sustaining success to me comes down the simple lack of excitement, enthusiasm and energy.

If you can’t get everyone on board chance are you will be working against the tide?

When ask how he went about correcting this issue, in a simple load voice he said heads will roll.

Sustaining success can simply come down to asking everyone for help, gain the support and commitment and in the end everyone wins.

I asked Michael have you watched the movie Gladiator. Michael answers but of course? I asked what part of the move stud out for him. Think real hard and then tell me what part of the movie moved you.

Michael stated I think it was the time he was with the “Emperor” asked Maximus if he would lead Rome.

Great Michael I too see that many selected individuals are given this unique opportunity, and to sustain success as a Chief Executive officer can come down to knowing that you are that individual  you either know that you are a leader or you don’t. I made the choice to lead.

I went on to tell Michael the part of the movie that resonated with me was when Russell Crowe entered the stadium.

He first was very clear on asking for help, knowing that behind the gates was life and death.

He was very clear on his message asking the fellow gladiator will they help.   Many times leaders don’t ever ask for help, this taught question that limits the commitment for success. When asking for help a leader can clearly see and hear who is on board.

Russell Crown goes on to state a life or death statement about living and then ask if everyone understanding?  (The buy in) He finishes by stating if they all stay together they will survive.

What a powerful, powerful statement live or die?    We all know that in a matter of stressful times their may only be but two options and a live or die situation is one that no one will refuse.


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Let Coach Don Martinez help diagnosis and assess what is missing. Do you want to regain your energy, excitement and passion?  To excel as a leader it requires skills that are often opposite to what you have.  You must become adept at calling upon the need of a coach that can help you transform your fears into confidents.  Keep in mind that sustaining success depends on your ability to cut of certain element that drains you from your strengths.

Don Martinez Master Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer is an executive coaches that help’s executive officers   stay on course and help identify the corrections that get In the way of sustaining success. As leaders it is always you responsibility to energize and charge your team with the creative vision and value for true success.

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