Focus May 28 2015

Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/PT, ZLC
“Focused 2015″

Back by popular demand

Creating the future the way you want!
To gain the understanding of getting clarity and focus by understanding the patterns of the way we think act and communicate.

Why do People Fail?

Successful negotiation of everyday life would seem to require people to possess insight about deficiencies in their intellectual and social skills. However, people tend to be blissfully unaware of their incompetence. This lack of awareness arises because poor performers are doubly cursed: Their lack of skill deprives them not only of the ability to produce correct responses, but also of the expertise necessary to surmise that they are not producing them. People base their perceptions of performance, in part, on their preconceived notions about their skills.

1. Unclear purpose
2. Destructive thinking
3. Low productivity
4. Fixed mindset
5. Weak energy

Starting the New Year requires the ability to change and shift ones state of mind. Let’s get ready for business.

Date: June 28, 2015
10:00 AM PST
Cost $295.00

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