We understand that career management and the job search process can become overwhelming at times. To take charge of you’re career with our career coaching and executive coaching services. Our staff of professional certified career coaches guides you through every step of the career search and transition process. We are prepared to provide the guidance and resources you need in your quest for career change and transition, career marketing, and career management.

We provide personalized and customized coaching sessions that focus on a variety of topics such as: 

  • Determining your Skills, Talents, and Abilities
  • Planning your Career and Setting Goals
  • Researching New Career Fields
  • Job Interviewing
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Developing your Network
  • Job Search Strategies and Tools
  • How to Conduct an On-Line Job Search Campaign
  • Researching Prospective Employers
  • Locating the ‘Hidden Job Market’
  • How to Find and Work with a Recruiter

Our consultants have successfully guided clients through short and long-term career transitions and job search issues. Let our staff of top-notch professionals work with you today to ensure your success.  Our Coaches recognizes that more and more companies are seeking to tap into a trillion dollar Hispanic market. Spanish speaking professional is on the rise. If your company has the need to recruit and train Spanish-speaking employees and you cannot provide adequate translation services, chances are that your turnover rate is high. Companies that offer information, training, and services in Spanish have a much lower “Hispanic” turnover rate. They also usually experience a higher productivity level. When instructions and services are provided in their own language, the result will be greater communication with them and greater loyalty from them. When communication improves, so do job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.  We can tailor any of our programs and services (or yours) to meet the needs of your Spanish-speaking employees. Our experienced, bilingual professionals can provide your employees with all of the following in the Spanish language.

Career transition services, including resume and cover letter assistance, career coaching, interview training, and job search techniques. 

  • Career Development Workshops
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Process Training and Instruction
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures and Employee Handbooks
  • Document Translation Services