Hello Friends, This was certainly a year for us to remember from the down economy to the elections. Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.

All the best to you and your family,

From our team at Domar Companies, LLC

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Coach Don to Speak at the NLBWA-National Latina Business Women Association

“Navigate Your Career Path To Success”

Emerging Latinas Program Agenda 2012 Week One – October 24, 2012

Session 1 Topic: Navigate Your Career Path To Success This training session teaches how to communicate more assertively and effectively. It will help you to achieve goals more quickly, set better boundaries, build credibility for you and your teams and earn respect within the organization.

Learning Objectives: – Communicate so that Your Vision Is Known – Designing your Personal Brand Statement – Be a gutsy woman – Learn how to project a more powerful image through nonverbal communication – Learn how to set expectations and boundaries to improve your credibilitywithin the organization

To learn more visit the link below and register today –

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Start your best life Now

As an entrepreneur I like reading many books this book I highly recommend by Joel Osteen

I read this book every morning and every night

Enlarge your Vision Develop a Healthy Self Image Discover the power of your thoughts and words Let go of the Past Find strength through adversity Live to Give  Choose to be happy

As a coach often times we forget how to dream and sometimes put our dreams on the shelf.

I dare you to dream and reignite your passion to hang in there and make the effort to not give up but stay focused and keep the momentum. In time you may find that your efforts will pay off.

Get control of your thinking and you can gain the rewards of your hearts passion.

“Dream Big” Coach Don


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Doors of Opportunity will open for you

When you change your thinking you unleash the energy and potential to open up new doors and possibilities.

What you think is directly connection to how you believe.   It was this message that got me to thinking what limitations we might place on ourselves?

A new idea so simple can alter our day and life if we allow ourselves to dream and let the creative energy guide us to think big we can attack great things in our lives.

This scripture comes to mind that reads “I can do all things thought him that strengthens me”. (Philippians 4:13)

When you are faced with an opportunity step out of our confront zone and take a bold step of faith and expect the best and move forward with confidence.

For many of us we are driven by our emotions. When our emotions kick in the road blocks of your mind get in …

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Knock down the barriers and expect God to do great things in your life

What stands in your way of growing?  I asked this question to a group of individuals in my master mind group. You will not be surprised that more than 95% of the group members discovered it was themselves that stands in their way of moving forward.

You might assume that you will never be successful way before you start throwing in the towel.  You might think that you are not smart enough, fit enough or don’t have the skills.

My friends if you are willing to stretch you mind and envision seeing yourself successful there is a greater chance you will become successful if you try.

The key is to “believe in you” and expect only the best.

Coach Don

What holds you back? “Ask God to put some fire in your spirit”

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How do you Sustain Success?

By Don Martinez MCC, Master Certified Executive Coach

What do leaders of fortune 200, 500 and 1000 companies do to sustain success?

I have been a fan of the movie Gladiator, it’s one of those movies I can watch over and over there is a lesson to learn each time I view this film.  Notes from Coach Don Martinez

I asked this question to a group of C-level Executives sr. mangers and Board of Directors?

What is it about sustaining success for you as an executive do you get bored have a loss of energy and excitement?

This is a question that Coach Don explores with executives to better understand what it takes to sustain success.

Recently I was hired to work with a C-level executive of a major Insurance company. While looking at all the plaques on the wall the trophies and photos of his family. You would think …

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