Domar Companies LLC

Domar Companies LLC. is a  small boutique Minority retained search firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. our clients cover multiple industries –Aerospace, Accounting and Financial services, Consumer Products, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Retail, Technology , Telecommunications and  Utilities Services – from the Fortune 500 to government agencies and non – profit organizations. Our unique, method and search process, we deliver exceptional executive and managerial talent and business leaders for tomorrow’s global markets.

As a minority-owned search firm, we understand diversity first hand for our client partners. At Domar we have made it are mission to educate our customers of the value of diversity. For more than fourteen years we have filled more than 85% of our searches with minority professional.

We have a dedicated team of researchers and outstanding executive search consultants who offer a flexible and comprehensive search for each assignment.  Our goal is to provide a positive and successful hiring process.  In doing so, we pride ourselves in presenting only the best fit candidates for the given position.  We scout out and provide a targeted list of qualified, prescreened individuals that match each client’s needs.

Domar Companies has been described as the “Go to Firm” for companies seeking to identify Hispanic and Multicultural talent.  A description of “who we are” begins with our clients.  Their satisfaction in their partnership with us inspires them to return the favor by recommending us time and time again.  We are grateful for their loyalty and remain committed to finding the best leaders to ensure their continued success.

Our History

Domar Companies LLC.  is a small boutique Minority retained search firm Founded in 2000, Domar works for clients in search for senior diversity executives and professional.  We specialize in senior executive and board level searches in areas such as finance, Human resources, marketing and sales, high tech, and manufacturing.

Success in business depends on putting the right people in place. Helping you find those people is what we do at the Domar Companies.  We at Domar Companies are passionate about get to understand our clients’ needs first.

For over 12 years, our success has been directly linked to the success of the companies we serve. Each search Domar undertakes begins with a highly collaborative discovery phase where we work with your business to define the candidate profile that best meets your needs. Domar’s’ “high-touch” approach begins in the earliest stages of the process and continues until long after the candidate is in place.

Recruiting Hispanic and Diversity Executives” Domar is Ranked One of North Americas Top Hispanic Retained Search Firms –Univision Chanel 34 

Success starts with you.

“Our business is about connecting the very best in talent for our clients when it comes to diversity recruiting”

It’s our philosophy that “People” are the most important asset of any business today.  What set the Domar Companies apart from our competition is our deep reach within the Hispanic and multicultural markets. When I set out to build Domar my mission was to help companies indentify true diversity leaders that represent the communities we live in across the world.  After working in Corporate America for three world class companies I have made it my life commitment to build a global search firm that will foster diversity inclusion.  I long for the day that we together can work in partnership to help our clients serve the needs of a more diverse talent pool.  From the start of each and every career professional that contacts us, to the day we place them in a position where they can contribute, grow, and ultimately succeed.  We look to move our firm in the front line of the very best in diversity talent.  No matter how difficult the search may be we are committed to helping our client the best. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

Don Martinez
President & CEO 

Who We Are

Domar’s difference is our global network of Multicultural talent with our primary focus on the Hispanic and multicultural markets our diverse network provides us an advantage of identifying and attracting the very best in bilingual and multilingual talent. With our corporate offices in Los Angeles California we have staffed positions within North America, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Domar’s Executive consultants understand the landscape of talent management and the client economic change related to our countries, employment issues.

Our approach to conducting searches assignment is our dedication to a clear process combined with our dedication to excellent service and exceptional research, resources and tools that enhance our efforts to provide the very best service possible.

About Us

The Domar Companies is among a small selected Companies of search firm that specializes in the Hispanic and multicultural talent markets.  Like many of our competitors we have invested a great amount of our time in establishing a relationship with diverse candidates all around the world.  We have one of the most sophisticated research teams that’s focus is on indentifying only the best in the industry. 95% of our candidates all possess bachelor’s degrees where as a great number of our executives Hold MBA and Executive MBA’s from top universities around the world.

Domar is a search firm dedicated to identifying and attracting the best in human capital talent within the Hispanic and multicultural markets.

We find that we can outperform our competition because our searches assignment start with the relationships we have built year after year.  We believe that Domar brings a big advantage through our partnerships, approach and global reach.

Our Flexible delivery model and terms can bring cost saving helping company save on search assignment that traditional five start firm charge.

By hiring the Domar Companies you accomplish two things one hiring a MBE and hiring a firm that gives back to the community.

With every search we work on a portine of our fees go directly to program that help at risk-teens in helping them continue their education.

Domar in partnership with CIMA Inc. a California not-for-profit 501 c3 it provides us the opportunity to give back to inner city youth in education, visual arts and performing arts.


Domar’s vision is to be recognized as a firm dedicated to Diversity in the markets we serve as a leading global provider of human capital solutions through innovation, commitment, and talent.

Domar’s core values “We-CARE” driven by our respect for our customers and clients. We recognize diversity as a key area of our own business endeavor to practice these values in all our interaction and communication.


Open honest communication from the start we look at developing trust. From trust, loyalty. From loyalty, commitment. Integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective success. Integrity is a high standard – to achieve it is to continually test ourselves against our best instincts, our best choices and behavior.


“A promise to serve our customer and provide the very best in customer satisfaction” We are committed (loyal) to each other and to our business purpose of providing superior service to our customers. This promise cannot be passive; it can only be expressed and honored through action. Thus, our commitment to service mandates that we are loyal to each other and to our goals and active in our efforts to achieve those goals.


Superiority – and trust to be the best, individually, and as the Domar team. Excellence compared to our competitors. To excel as a team, we all need to strive for excellence as individuals. Domar’s achievements are the sum of our individual successes, and our individual excellence. Domar supports this quest for excellence.